Resto and Elemental Shaman

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 Jul 08, 2016 - Recruitment

To establish a varied and versatile (healing) team, we are looking for a restoration/elemental shaman. Ideally, you are also able to play both specs and swap according to what is needed. You should be able to hold high attendance: in return you would be part of the core of the raid.

We expect you to know how to heal (and DPS) most effectively and to be able to improvise on the spot. Being able to come with suggestions, show initiative and communicate with others is a huge plus.

Do you think you would be a great asset to our (healing) team? Then do not hesitate to leave an application or to contact Melodie (Melodie#2561).

The plural form is shamans, not shamen; the etymologically-consistent plural form from the original Evenki is shamasal, but this form sees no use in English; the plural form shamans is, however, universally accepted.