Bàrd, Windwalker monk


Bàrd, Windwalker monk

i want to join Dimensional because it looks like a great guild, that wants to clear the hardest difficulty. i expect a friendly environment that do stuff together like mythic+ and more. and when the raid days comes everybody is focused and try their hardest to progress.
From me u can expect a friendly, funny guy that wants to have fun with other ppl while clearing the hardest stuff possible in the game.
My goals is clearing the hardest stuff possible while having fun.

My name
Brede Mathiesen
My age
My location
My occupation
rly dont have anything. just some random shit 3 times a week.
My battlenet
My spec
I choosed the spec beacuse i like the playstyle of it. to stay up to date i check logs, windwalker discord, and http://www.peakofserenity.com/
Time played
76 days in 110. 78 days in total. started playing ww in legion
Guild history
been in thats nice in legion. i left because the guild was way to tryhard for me. they started with split raiding and stuff like that and it was just way to much for me.
WoW experience
Well i started playing wow back in mop, and i started to raid when soo came out and i loved it, afte that i have been raiding casual and semi-hardcore. my favorite expansion so far is legion. always got something to do and i love the raids so far in legion.
WoTLK experience
played alittle but didnt raid (was a kid back then)
Cata experience
didnt play much, just casual pvp ithink. rly dont remember.
MoP experience
yes. cleared soo on heroic.
WoD experience
Ye. started when mid hfc. cleared 5/13 mythic.

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